Drowned In Sound Feel Joy

Napa Valley Community Church

Napa Valley Community Church is a located in Napa, CA. Our church was founded in 2010 and is associated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC). The church offered a 10×5 ft plot for free to the gardeners willing to farm organically for personal use. Informal or casual attire most commonFaith in God gives more than it seems at first glance. Trusting the Lord, we find not only confidence in tomorrow what all so are eager for, but also the world, rest, feeling of safety and understanding. We trust God because we know Him, He acts in our lives when we exercise faith.

Ministries Within the Episcopal Church
  • Transition Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
  • Ethnic Ministry

The Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministries supports ministries of, to, and with young adults (ages 18-30) both on and off college campuses through the communities, resources and networks of the Episcopal Church.

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